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Ric and Todd Durdahl are dedicated to helping people create comfortable, worry-free retirements. Their key to success is their conservative approach to building and preserving wealth.  

Ric and Todd’s approach includes safe-money strategies designed to offer clients three benefits: (1) a lifetime income clients cannot outlive; (2) potential for stock market-linked growth while minimizing risk of market loss; (3) potential to protect principal and lock-in gains when the market goes down.  

“According to Warren Buffett*,” the Durdahls agree, “avoiding losses is the number-one rule of investing. It’s especially important for retirees and pre-retirees, who don’t have the time to go back 20 or 30 years and rebuild their portfolio should they lose money.”  

Longtime retirement specialists, Ric and Todd have the in-depth knowledge of financial issues that comes from 40 years of combined experience guiding clients toward their financial goals throughout the ups and downs of the economy. They maintain a vigorous program of ongoing education, which continually updates them with high-level training in the latest retirement strategies and tax laws.  

Ric and Todd’s experience and training have equipped them with the tools to assist clients with virtually all their financial needs – from retirement, income and estate planning to tax reduction, Social Security maximization and long-term care strategies. Their Mission is to help each client achieve financial peace of mind.  

As Certified Financial Educators, Ric and Todd share their knowledge and experience through college courses on Smarter Retirement Strategies at Casper College. Their dedication to helping others has led to a loyal, growing clientele. They are assisted by office manager Dorothy Durdahl, Ric’s wife, whose organizational skills are essential to the team’s top-notch customer service.  

* Rules That Warren Buffett Lives By. Investopedia, May 2, 2018:

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Social Security is enormously complex. Making correct decisions could potentially mean tens of thousands of additional dollars in retirement.

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