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About Kinley  

Kinley Wong, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor℠ designee with Lincoln Financial Advisors, helps his clients pursue their financial goals of building, protecting, and preserving their assets for over fourteen years.

Kinley’s knowledge and understanding of the steps necessary to maximize your Social Security benefits make him an ideal choice of an advisor to work with; Social Security Benefit Maximization is critical to the retirement planning process.  

Kinley understands that running out of money in retirement is one of the biggest risks, and fears, you may face. Working your whole life to gather enough wealth for retirement, only to realize too late it is just not enough is devastating.  

Are you on track for a comfortable and secure retirement? Whether you are already retired, retiring soon, or retirement is years away, Kinley will help you pursue a stable retirement income to last throughout your lifetime.  

Retirement planning requires a holistic approach. Kinley begins by getting to know you, your goals and objectives. This crucial step guides the development of your personal investment recommendation. After developing a strategy aimed at reaching your goals, he will implement and maintain this plan for you throughout your retirement.  

If you are already retired, you should continue retirement planning. As a matter of fact, carefully managing your retirement income may be even more crucial in retirement.  

As your reliable financial professional, Kinley will help you identify your goals and help you to stay focused on your retirement dream.

Schedule An Appointment for Your Complimentary Social Security Maximization Report

In this report, you'll discover...

  • Exactly how and when to claim your social security benefits.
  • How to coordinate claiming your benefits with your spouse. 
  • How to ensure your family continues to receive your benefits after you pass away.
  • Other lucrative strategies that you could be eligible for. 
  • Plus, how to avoid one of the many social security “gotchas” that could cost you thousands of dollars!

Social Security Analysis

Social Security is enormously complex. Making correct decisions could potentially mean additional dollars in retirement.

Complimentary eBook

In this eBook you will learn...

  • How to receive the largest Social Security check possible.
  • Considerations for when and how to file for your benefits.
  • The many pitfalls that need to be avoided when filing.
  • The steps needed to achieve your maximum lifetime income.
  • And much, much more! 

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